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Grey Eagle


A traditional German wheat beer. Very minimal hops character — we use just enough to balance out the maltiness. A hazy, low-alcohol beer featuring hints of clove, banana, vanilla and bubble gum. And the perfect refreshment to enjoy on a hot Texas day.

5.2% ABV / 10 IBU




We took the older English version of the IPA and added some American attitude. We use eight different kinds of hops to pack a big punch of flavors and aromas, including citrus, tropical, floral, and earthy notes.

7.0% ABV / 60 IBU




Named after the first child born in Fort Worth, this light and refreshing beer is the ideal choice for anyone new to craft beer. This German style ale has a mild hop character to it and finishes dry leaving you longing for another drink.

4.6% ABV / 20 IBU




Take a trip to the dark side of the moon with this full bodied, roasty, and malty beer complemented by oatmeal flavor. A generous addition of oats during the brew creates a smooth, velvety body and a little bit of sweetness.

6.0% ABV / 28 IBU




This traditional ale is great for those who want a refreshing beer with just the right amount of flavor. An easy drinking beer with subtle flavors from a more complex malt profile. The aromas and flavors of this beer are quite clean with some caramel, toffee, toast, and biscuit characters.

5.2% ABV / 18 IBU




The Marzen or Oktoberfest style of beer was first brewed in Germany at the end of the regular brewing season in March before it became too hot to ferment beer. With the invention of refrigeration and better brewing practices this beer became a staple for welcoming in Autumn and the harvest. The style is mostly known to be drank during the Oktoberfest celebration that started in Germany in 1810 and still celebrated every year. With a strong malty backbone of caramel, biscuit, toast, and a slight roast this beer pairs well with all occasions which is why we decided to take this seasonal beer and make it year-round.

6% ABV / 20 IBU


Los Muertos


Our summer seasonal is now available year round! This beer is thirst quenching and light, yet flavorful with a clean finish. Our mexican style lager is the perfect beer for any occasion, indoors or outdoors, tailgates or backyard BBQ’s! Try one dressed with salt and a lime, Los Muertos is the perfect beer for any place or time.

4.8% ABV / 18 IBU