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Join us on the Fort Worth Ale Trail

Please be aware that events and locations may be closed due to growing health concerns. Please consider take-out dining, purchasing a gift card for the time being, or visiting for future events.

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of going out to the same one or two places, eating the same few things, and never trying anything new or different. One of the easiest ways to snap out of such a routine is with a little outside help, such as the Fort Worth Ale Trail that we are excited to be a part of here at Fort Brewery. This gives you an opportunity – and even a couple potential rewards – to go out and try something new and experience all the delicious brews the Fort Worth area has to offer.

As part of the Fort Worth Ale Trail, we are incredibly excited to see more people coming here to taste what we have, and traveling to other breweries in the area. Whether you are a long-time beer fan or you are just starting out and want to sample what’s available, we’re here to help. If you’re already hiking the ol’ Ale Trail, then we hope to see you soon, and if you’re wondering what we’re talking about, then just keep on reading.

Either way, we’re sure that delicious discoveries and a lot of fun await you!

What is the Fort Worth Ale Trail?

A couple is smiling and tasting beers at a local brewery in Fort Worth, TX.

The Forth Worth Ale Trail is a fun way to experience some of the very best breweries in the Fort Worth area. All you have to do is download the passport from the Ale Trail website and print it out – or go to a participating brewery or the Fort Worth Visitor Center to pick one up – to get started. This will show you the participating breweries that are part of the Fort Worth Ale Trail, with a little bit of information about each one, so you know what to expect.

The passport is your key to the Ale Trail; just like a passport that you use to travel between countries, you collect a stamp on it at each brewery you visit. Sure, you could just go to the breweries in the area without the passport, but why not have a little extra fun while you’re at it? As you check out each brewery and taste what they have to offer, you get your stamp, and you can show your friends where you’ve been.

Who’s on the Ale Trail?

More than a dozen breweries around here are part of the Fort Worth Ale Trail, representing a significant portion of local breweries and offering a little something for everyone. Obviously, we’re a part of the Ale Trail here at Fort Brewery (more about us later on) along with other great local breweries, including Cowtown Brewing Company, The Collective Brewing Project, and Funky Picnic.
If you’re looking for something a bit different while heading down the Ale Trail, check out Locus Cider, a local cidery that produces delicious hard ciders using fresh-pressed apples and local ingredients. You can also head outside of Fort Worth to try some places you might not have gone to otherwise, like Revolver Brewing, which you’ll find about 35 miles southwest of the city. Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company is located just south of downtown Fort Worth and produces handcrafted small batches of bourbon and blended whisky.

What Was That About Rewards?

If you were paying attention earlier, then you probably noticed we said something about getting rewards for taking a trip down the Fort Worth Ale Trail. There are two different rewards you can earn, depending on your level of commitment to the trail. First off, if you visit just five of the breweries on the trail, then you’ll receive a special edition Fort Worth Ale Trail t-shirt. If you go further and visit ten breweries, then you’ll receive a complimentary $100 gift card to Dickies just for taking the trip and enjoying the brew.

Pretty good, right? If you’re going to head out and sample food and drinks at a wide range of local breweries anyways, then you might as well get rewarded for it. Of course, you should absolutely not try to go to all five or 10 in just one day – walking the trail is a fun project that you should enjoy and take your time with. Remember to drink responsibly and never operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol – there are plenty of services that will happily provide you with transportation to make sure you get home safely. We want you to enjoy everything Fort Worth has to offer, including the Ale Trail rewards, and that means knowing your limits.

What is Fort Brewery?

A table full of hands holding beer and food is shown from above.

So who are we? Here at Fort Brewery, we are proud to be a part of the Fort Worth Ale Trail, and proud to be a part of Fort Worth in general. Our family has its roots in the very founding of Forth Worth: our great, great grandfather was Fort Worth’s first doctor, opened its first drug store, and helped establish the first public school here. We go all the way back to 1854 here in Fort Worth, and we wouldn’t have it any other way – we are here to be a part of Fort Worth.

We offer a fantastic selection of great beers for you to taste and enjoy, with a little something for pretty much anyone. Whether you like your beer hoppy and bitter, or smooth and satisfying, we’ve got something that you’ll love. Our master brewer, Jeremy Whitehead, has worked hard to craft unique and delicious beers that make Fort Brewery different from anything else you’ll taste here in Forth Worth.

Of course, we’re also well known for our incredible pizzas – the perfect accompaniment to go with our thirst-quenching drafts. Whether you’re working your way along the Fort Worth Ale Trail or you just want to get together with friends for a few drinks and some great food, we’re here for you. Not sure what to get? Then consider…

Some Fort Brewery Favorites

Here at Fort Brewery, we pride ourselves on having something for pretty much every taste. Some of our favorites include:

  • Grey Eagle (Hefeweizen) – Our take on a traditional German wheat beer is the perfect jumping off point if you’re not sure what you like. It has minimal hops character and is low in alcohol, so we recommend it for old pros and newcomers alike.
  • Los Muertos (Mexican Style Lager) – Previously only a seasonal option for the summer, this thirst-quenching beauty was so popular we now offer it year-round. It is a light and flavorful option that is also a perfect choice if you’re not really sure what you like, or you tend to prefer less bitter offerings.
  • Ocho (India Pale Ale) – Based on older English ales, our own IPA has eight different kinds of hops in it, so it delivers some complex and incredible flavors and aromas. This is a great one if you have a particularly discerning palette and want to be able to experience something with a lot of layers to it.
  • Clara (Kölsch) – This German-style ale is a great choice if you’re not quite sure what you want, but you are thirsty for something delicious. It has a mild hop flavor to it and is a great option for washing down a nourishing pizza.

Whether you know exactly the kind of beer you love, or you’re still tasting around and figuring it out, we’ve got something you’re sure to enjoy. Makes us one of your stops on the Fort Worth Ale Trail and discover the bold taste of Fort Worth.

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