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Here’s What You Need to Know About Our Fort Brewery Beer List!

For those of you who’d like to know more about our beers, you’ve come to the right place. Depending on what time of year you visit (and the frequency of your visits), you can expect to find a regular rotation of seasonal styles served alongside the enduring mainstays that cause mouths to water year-round. There truly is something for each and every palate here at Fort Brewery.

Grey Eagle (Hefeweizen)

A German-style Hefeweizen ranks as one of the most recognizable styles of beer. In name, it is quite literally the marriage of yeast (hefe) and wheat (weizen). In style, it rails against the majority of German styles with its yeast-driven fruit and spice elements, high-carbonation, and its cloudy mystique.

Our ‘Grey Eagle’ boasts minimal hops (just enough to balance out the malt), and its flavor profile features hints of clove, banana, vanilla, and (brace yourself) bubble gum. AT 5.2% ABV, it’s uniquely refreshing and a favorite among our local fan base.

Ocho (India Pale Ale)

Across its various iterations, the refreshing IPA ranks as a favorite among American lovers of craft beers. Boasting a higher level of hoppy bitterness, the India Pale Ale tends to be full-bodied in its flavoring and usually offers a higher alcohol content by volume.

‘Ocho’ builds upon the classic English IPA and infuses it with a heavy dose of stateside rebellion. Using a diverse selection of eight unique types of hops, Ocho is earthy and floral with hints of tropical citrus. It also boasts a satisfying 7.0% ABV.

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Clara (Kolsch)

Merging the most enjoyable attributes of lagers and ales, German-style Kolsch beers are refreshing, light (in terms of both color and character), and celebrated for their thirst-quenching characteristics. ‘Clara’ is all of those things, and at 4.6% ABV, it provides a satisfying and accessible introduction to craft beer.

Moonrider (Oatmeal Stout)

The English-styled oatmeal stout is known for its dark coloring and smooth-bodied flavor. The inclusion of roasted malts provides hints of caramel and chocolate tastes, which compliment the coffee-like aroma that comes as a result of the roasted barley. With an ABV rating of 6.0%, ‘Moonrider’ is a sweet, velvety delight to the senses.

1849 (Irish Red Ale)

Another popular choice among American breweries and craft-beer enthusiasts are Irish-style red ales. These sweet, buttery, and lightly-toasted blends are amber in color, often feature a tan-colored foam, and are enjoyably sessionable. If you revel in complexity, we’re certain that ‘1849’ might be perfect for you.

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Zeppelin (Marzen)

A staple of Oktoberfest celebrations, the German Marzen-style beers have been adapted by American craft brewers and are often transformed into darker, more full-bodied offerings. As variations of a Viennese lager, they tend to feature the same mid-to-low hoppy bitterness and crisp, toasted flavor profile. At 6% ABV ‘Zeppelin’ stays true to the seasonal spirit of the classic Marzen. The only difference? You can enjoy ours year-round.

Los Muertos (Mexican Style Lager)

The perfect partner for warm weather, our 4.8% ABV ‘Los Muertos’ is a favorite of backyard barbecuers, avid tailgaters, and (pretty much) everyone else, as well. Garnished with salt and a lime, this refreshing Mexican lager is welcome just about everywhere.

No matter your preference, there is a refreshing option for you here at Fort Brewery. And remember, our wide selection of options are always changing. With a menu that stretches across a wide array of styles, we have something for every palate, no matter the season.

Remember, beer lovers, we offer tours of our brewing facility from 2 PM – 4 PM weekdays (Monday through Friday). Each tour runs about 30-minutes and allows our guests to stroll through our facilities, learn more about the brewing process, and even enjoy tastings of our Fort Brewery beers. Tours are open to the public but are by appointment only, so please be sure to schedule yours in advance!

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