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Greets, Eats & All That with Tammy Dombeck

Whether you’re part of our Frank Kent family or an enthusiastic local, we come with a very important message. If you haven’t made it a point to watch Greets, Eats & All That with Tammy Dombeck, you have some catching you up to do, and what better place to start than with Tammy’s recent visit to Fort Brewery?Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Greets, Eats & All That (GE&AT) is a wonderful hometown series that explores the Dallas – Fort Worth experience through its unique local businesses, eateries, and social institutions. With Tammy Dombeck at the helm as both creator and host, GE&AT blends homespun accessibility with gorgeous production values and insightful interviews to create a truly satisfying viewing experience.

As one of DFW’s most recognizable TV personalities, Tammy has graced the screens of our local NBC and CBS affiliates. Having formed her own media company, Tammy has embraced the freedom to reinvent herself and focus on areas she’s truly passionate about. Atop that list, you’ll inevitably find her love of people, cuisine, and culinary excellence. It’s a celebration of socialization with the sort of sumptuous style so commonly associated with this area.

The promise of sumptuous style was part of the reason we at Frank Kent Cadillac were so eager to partner with Tammy, providing transportation throughout the series. Eagle-eyed viewers and Cadillac lovers will be sure to spot iconic Frank Kent offerings like the Cadillac XT4 and XT6 in their onscreen cameos. But what happens when the cameras get turned back on us?

As many of you know, the Frank Kent name has found its home in all sorts of area businesses. So when Tammy set her charismatic sights on our very own Fort Brewery and expressed an interest in bringing her crew behind-the-scenes at “The Fort,” who were we to say no? After all, it’s a great opportunity to talk about everything that is new and exciting, as well as everything that has helped Fort Brewery & Pizza to be a DFW favorite!

In this episode of GE&AT, join Tammy as she chats with our Head Dough Master, John “Dough” Mayfield, about some of the care that gives our pizza, pretzels, and garlic knots the distinctive characteristics that help to make them so sensational. If you’re not feeling thirsty after that, stick around for Tammy’s conversation with our Head Brew Master, Charles Coca, and we’ll change that. They’re going to talk about our diverse range of craft brews, including some of the seasonal favorites that bring people from far and wide. To quote the man himself, “You have to really want to brew beer.” It’s safe to say that Charles and our brewing team want to – and LOVE to – more than most. Don’t forget to learn more about what’s new and exciting at Fort Brewery from none other than our General Manager Dusty Wood. Trust us; there is plenty that’s both “new” and “exciting.”

They say that every place has a story to tell, and how effectively that story gets told depends on who’s doing the telling. With our amazing Fort Brewery team and Tammy Dombeck manning the fort (both proverbially and literally), how could we resist the chance to share our amazing story with all of you?

So, we invite you to tune in to this episode (and every episode) of Greets, Eats & All That with Tammy Dombeck then come visit Fort Brewery in person, to experience it for yourself. Just keep your eyes peeled, because you never know when you might see Tammy herself cruising by in a Frank Kent Cadillac, ready to introduce you to your next favorite place.

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